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Nicole Cannon
Nicole Cannon
Finance & Mortgage Broker
Richardson & Wrench
North Sydney
Ground Floor, 66 Berry Street
North Sydney 2060
02 9929 8944
0414 633 793
02 9955 9529

Nicole Cannon

Nicole Cannon has been a Finance and Mortgage Broker for over 13 years of which 11 of these years has been working directly with real estate agents.

Nicole is passionate about assisting her customers achieve their dreams through purchasing property. Understanding that the process of purchasing property is highly stressful Nicole takes the time to sit down and go through the numbers to ensure it is realistic and affordable. Nicole and her team will communicate to you every step of the way so that you know where you stand with regards to finance.

Nicole has won awards on a National and State level for Ethics, Social Responsibility, Community Engagement and Customer Service having won awards every consecutive year since 2011.

With representing over 30 lenders, having a great reputation with the lenders and their state managers, Nicole’s knowledge, relationships and expertise can help you get across the line.

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Ground Floor, 66 Berry Street, North Sydney NSW 2060